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I decided not shorting EDU

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I was excited about shorting EDU or APPL (buying puts) after Tuesday’s MacWorld keynote and New Oriental disappointing earning news. I hoped to cover some of my loss from LFT (and to a less content CROX) by shorting the stocks, now that the market appears controlled by the bears. So I went and told my wife about the drop of New Oriental stock, broken shoes (CROX) vs. broken school (EDU) analogy, my wife said this:

“so now you are going to Du Da Xiao (a form of gamble in China), huh?”

So much for my fundamental analysis. Seriously I decided not to short the EDU due to two things:

1) In order to short a stock, I need to have Margin account. I did send the margin applications on Tuesday. But I decided to pull the application today, as I read more about it, and the story about Berkshire Hathaway stock once dropped more than 50%. Hypothetically, a person who bought BRK.A in its earning days won’t get the huge gains of BRK.A because he/she got margin call. Here is the story in Chinese. Quote here: