JSF Richfaces best practice: drop down and data scroller

drop down box Clear a list for selectionOneMenu every time, got burned by this in a “page number” drop down for Richfaces data scroller. And some other places. Use validator keep in mind it will overwrite the required = “true”, if the user does not select a valid value from drop down, it will give […]

iPhone iOS dev blogs

The following are iPhone development blogs I often read. Note I used Google reader to get them. I also listed some of the blogs under “dev” category in the side bar (small). Technical iPhone development by Jeff Lamarche. Jeff is the author of the best beginners book for iPhone dev “Beginning iPhone development”. Recently I […]

Some corrections to Hibernate tutorial

I was referring to the First application at Hibernate (Jboss) offical documentation. I found some problems when doing the exercise: just want to share some of my findings so others may benefit. 1) dependency version missing: there are already some some discussions on the Hibernate discussion forum, such as this one and that one. I […]

How to find a job in this difficult market?

Particularly in the IT (software development) field. Obviously the No. 1 thing is “never give up”. I started looking about 9 months ago when I felt “the need to look”: both for defense (fear of lay off) and offense (opportunities better matching my interest and skill). I had to admit finding a job is not […]