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Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s new year again, and obligatory new year resolution time. I think I’m already past that practice: will try to put down iPhone and Macbook more when I’m at home though (I was referring to this comment on 2014 review: Leave the iDevices/mac if I can). I’ve eaten my own words on this one. My

January 1, 2016

Reading Time: 2 minutes I thought this problem for a while. Sometimes I heard people complained companies like Lego discriminate: their toys are more for boys than girls, so Lego came up this Lego friends series which is geared more toward girl, as they ranges from bakeries, beach house, to rain forest rescue, and they have a lot girl

December 6, 2015

Reading Time: < 1 minute (Update 01-22-2019) Managing your Database Secrets with Vault Manage Your MySQL Database Credentials with Vault Last but not least, the GSG for Vault (I recall I went through once last time, on my Mac). (Original 11-19-2015) We most likely heard about Docker, the ultimate container. Recently I followed the GSG on the official website to

November 19, 2015

Reading Time: 2 minutes We know St. Louis is not a hot (or cool) place as Seattle/Silicon Valley in terms of job opportunities for software engineers. But St. Louis area have plenty of opportunities from small to large organizations, with a diverse industries. There are also many resources for aspiring software developers who like to join the industry. The

October 11, 2015

Reading Time: < 1 minute This is from reddit. “…open a blank workbook in excel, then from the Data tab, under the “Get External Data” setting, choose “from text” and point it to your file. This will open the text import wizard. On the first step, choose “delimeted” and then “Next.” On the second, select the checkbox next to “Comma”

August 12, 2015

Reading Time: 2 minutes Rewrite Developers usually like new project, sometimes called green field project, in the sense developers have more freedom to create (think of a white paper). In the same token, from time to time people will start a “full rewrite” project as the old project (code base) is “so messed up” and beyond repair. Is that

July 31, 2015

Reading Time: 3 minutes I changed job again recently, to be more precise, I made the change at beginning of the month. So today marks the conclusion of first 3 weeks. I felt fairly good so far, both in terms of environment and the work. It’s a bit different from what I did in last few years, as I

June 19, 2015

Reading Time: < 1 minute Came across a strange problem this week using a web service from 3rd party. It’s a soap based web service. When we pass the XML with the required data elements in certain order, it works. If we did not follow that order, it complains invalid parameter or something. I guess in the code they have

May 9, 2015

Reading Time: 2 minutes I am starting a series of “Sustainable software development” blog posts. Like many series I did in the past, it could be a series of one and only, or it could be a true fall classic (WS series). Back to the topic, I have been doing software development for almost 15 years, been through many

May 2, 2015

Reading Time: < 1 minute A collection, I will add my comments later. Symptom: PermGen run out of space Memory leak Overview (Mark Thomas) Memory leak happened in multiple deployment (more likely happens in development) Tomcat 7 (Mark Thomas) quote… Application or library code that can trigger this situation include: JDBC driver registration Some logging frameworks Storing

April 4, 2015
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