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Went to Chesterfield mall yesterday. Something new (at least new to me):

1) Journeys is expanding there. The regular Journeys got a new place (first floor, at the intersection), the old Journeys store is “Journeys Kids”. Journeys is a subsidiary of Genesco (GCO). Foot Locker is trying to take over Genesco but was rejected for now. We know in business “No” does not necessarily means “No”, just like sometimes when girls say “No”, it’s not really “No”.

2) Payless Shoes (PSS) got more new style “knockoff Crocs”, in addition to the traditional Beach and Cayman styles. Price is about half of the real Crocs, and the material looks like the real ones (I’m not a material expert), better than the ones at Walgreen.

3) Jibbitz: the little drcorations for Crocs. I asked the girl at Crocs Kiosk, it’s 2.50 per piece.

jibbitz crocs decroration

4) Sears: I found they are selling knockoff Crocs too. Bad Eddie.

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