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Of Steve’s new phone, I mean, the phone without key pad, the highly hyped iPhone?

On my way to work, I already seeing people camping out side of the Cingular (sorry AT&T) store at Olive and Craig. Actually I checked last night (at 9PM) nobody was there yet. I saw on TV in New York people started to line up on Monday! Here is what I read at eBay:

I am at the front of the line at the Oklahoma City Apple Store. I will overnight ship this new, unopened 4 gig iPhone tomorrow afternoon to the lucky bidder.”

The is probably most hyped product (gadget) launch in history. While I have confidence Steve Jobs is brilliant in design and marketing, I don’t how it will eventually plays out, because part of success lies on the speed and reliability of AT&T network, which many people are doubtful.

On the financial side, the iphone starts at $500 (let’e be honest, $499 is really $500), and the AT&T service starts at $59.99. A two years contract is required. No, I am not going to that line.

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