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Instead of boycott…

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Today is Earth day, we are seeing all kinds of “Green talk” from CNBC to Fox News, from Google to WSJ, from Democrats to Republicans. I think this is all good but this environment thing should be done in our everyday lives, not some sort of campaign or movement: when the passion run out or when the gas back to $2, we back to our old habbits 🙂

Similar logic can be applied to the recent Chinese boycott movement against French brands, after the recent Olympics torch incident in Paris. I noticed the Chinese goverment and news media already toned down harsh words. They are now asking Chinese people show patrotism in the daily work and lives, which is exactly my point.

Boycott does not work
Here are the reasons:
1) Lose moral high ground: in this case the role of the big French supermarket chain in current pro-free Tibetan movement is not definite, we could hit the wrong guy. Even if if somebody hit us, do we have to hit back everytime? I think it depends on the situtation.

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Boycott French products?

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There are lots of discussions (e.g., wang jianshuo) about boycotting French companies lately, after the Paris Olympics torch relay incident, and some France politicians unfriendly move. Now the France supermarket giant Carrefour, which has a large presence in China, will be boycotted on May 1, because (arguably) its main shareholder supports free Tibet organization. Baidu dedicated a full page to Carrefour boycott (Chinese).

My 2 cents on France and boycotting:

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