Mixed Bag from Mindray First Quarter

Reading Time: 2 minutes This is the report. From the Conference call, it appears they made a mistake on the announcement, I believe there was a typo on the first bullet (should be 40% rather than 24.7% YoY if exclude the large bid in 2006) My comments on the results:  

Mindray MR is Hiring

Reading Time: < 1 minute Mindray, the leading medical device maker in Shenzhen, is hiring. Here is the link in Chinese. Most are R&D positions. And some campus recruiting events. Interestingly, I noticed they are looking for Spanish, Portuguese, German and Russian speaking sales person, as shown in this ad. From this and previous company’s SEC filings we can see the company still… Continue reading Mindray MR is Hiring

Mindray MR Secondary Offering

Reading Time: < 1 minute It appears that Mindray started new offering today. I read its SEC filings here. The insiders will sell 9,827,220 shares and the underwriter will have option to buy additional 1,474,083 shares from selling share holders. That alone won’t have dilution effect. Separately, the company filed S1 form for stock options registration. That will dilute the… Continue reading Mindray MR Secondary Offering

What to Read from Insider Selling?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Not too much. From time to time, the insiders of the company, a.k.a, the founders, the senior management, or even the venture capital, decided to sell their stocks in the public market. As ordinary investors I used to be worried about those kinds of events. Until I read Peter Lynch’s book One Up On Wall… Continue reading What to Read from Insider Selling?

Mindray MR Pre-announce Fiscal 2006

Reading Time: < 1 minute I summerized its year 2005 and 2006 (low end) number here. I noted that the revenue year over year growth slowed a bit (consider first 9 months growth about 41%). This can be attribute to the continuing “anti-corruption” campaign in China hospitals.                   2005               2006              YoY Rev (CNY)  1,078,573,000 1,470,000,000 36.29%      Income         205,089,000    360,000,000 75.53%      Earning (CNY)           2.40                3.73 55.42%… Continue reading Mindray MR Pre-announce Fiscal 2006

More about Home Inns and Mindray

Reading Time: 2 minutes Home Inns (HMIN) and Mindray (MR) both reported their Q3 earning last week. I listened to both the conference calls. HMIN obviously did better with revenue growth: RMB 160.4 m, 106.3% year over year growth. Mindray’s revenue growth was 21.6% because of the anti-corruption campaign in Chinese hospitals. I think that growth factor determined the stock… Continue reading More about Home Inns and Mindray

Mindray Medical International

Reading Time: 2 minutes OK, enough about the Home Inns (HMIN) and New Oriental (EDU), both of which are well known consumer brands based in Shanghai and Beijing respectively. On Sept 26, a not so well known medical device company based in Shenzhen (by Hongkong), did IPO on NYSE and it was well received by the investors. The company is Mindray Medical International, ticker symbol… Continue reading Mindray Medical International