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Reading Time: 2 minutes Week in review 030109 to 030709 We are officially in Obama bear market (source: Bloomberg), in other words, the stock market (i.e., Dow industrial for most people) dropped 20% since President Obama took office in Jan 20. Yesterday S&P 500 briefly touched 666 (the number of devil), pretty scary, huh? I am sure this economy/financial

March 7, 2009

Reading Time: < 1 minute 1) Traders, including the grannies sitting in China stock brokage houses. 2) Hedging fund: people who have short positions, options…all these are closely related to the general market, and can have a wider swing than common stocks. 3) Mutual fund: because they have a large portifolio, they are exposed to the general market condition (weak,

August 6, 2007