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Launch Passion Equity

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Since today is a good day (7-7-07), I want to do something special. I have planned this thing for a while: create an investment partnership or the sorts. Right now I’m the only partner in this venture. But I’m open to new investors with similar investment philosophy.

Why do I create this Equity partnership?
Well, investing in stocks is where my passion is. This is very important. Passion is the No. 1 thing to be successful in accomplishing something, in addition to discipline, intelligence, good judgement, hard work, and luck.

I don’t need to take outside money, because I’m running my own portfolio happily at this time. It’s a big responsibility for me to manage other people’s money. But I like to take the challenge.

I won’t make all the investment decisions but I would like to be one of the two(?) managing partners. All others are general partners, and they will contribute in two ways: money and advice. All partners will share the profit (or the loss) regardless of being “managing partner” or not, according to the money being pooled in.

Why do I believe I can do better than the market (e.g. S&P 500), or the mutual fund?
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