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Cummings CMI and my energy play

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My 2 cents on Cummins CMI (a while ago)
I have watched CMI for a few months now, have not pulled the trigger yet. There was a brief chance around March 17. I dare not to buy it after it went above 50. Like commodity, short term CMI has some selling pressure because:

1) It’s an infrustructure/transportation play, with US/global economy slow down, its business should also slow;
2) At Micro level, I know Dodge Ram trucks use CMI diesel engine. Chrysler just announced the Ram production cut, so…

But I still like it because their diesel engines are very very good. I know very few manufacturers can make their quality diesel engines. A related thing, is the bio-diesel, if this becomes a reality, diesel engine will be more popular.

Today CMI got a huge lift after reported strong earning (seekingalpha: cummins engine chugs along nicely).

My energy plays
Oil, natural gas and oil services. I have Marathon Oil (intergrated oil), Chepeseake Energy (NG), Devon Ennergy (NG). And yesterday I added Smith International (oil service).

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