Remembering Tim Russert

Reading Time: < 1 minute Don’t know exactly when I learned about Tim, most likely the Bush-Gore 2000 election. But I do remember watching Tim at Meet the Press on Sunday mornings after that. (source: CNET) The thing I like about Tim Russert is: he always asks intelligent questions, provide objective information for the audience to consume, not personal views;… Continue reading Remembering Tim Russert

I am back to St. Louis

Reading Time: < 1 minute Bread and gas Panera officially raised the price of Asiago cheese bagel, from 97 cents to $1.25, which is expected as I read it from news couple weeks ago. The regular unleaded gas is $3.999 in STL. Cheaper than Salt Lake city, but more expensive than Jackson, WY. Some random thoughts about the trip Chevlet… Continue reading I am back to St. Louis