Heelys is going IPO

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Heelys is the shoe can be used both for walk and skate, using the retractable wheel under the heel. It is most widely worn by kids and teenagers aged from 6 to 14, and from what I see from Zappos (the online shoe store), kids and parents are crazy about this.

Now the company is filing for IPO, here is the SEC S1 filing. I expect this to be a hot one because of recent success of footwear maker Crocs (CROX) and atheletic apparel maker UnderArmor (UARM). They both gained 100% after their recent IPO. This is partly due to the fashion craving and generous spending of American consumers: from iPod to Crocs, it’s not just the functionality, the fashion is more (if not less) important. 

While the proposed IPO stock to be priced between $16 and $18, I think it could open at $22 to $25. The proposed ticker symbol is HLYS on Nasdaq, it is set to debut on Friday Dec 8. If I make some profit on this one, maybe I can buy myself a pair of Heelys? I like skating (roller blading). Be aware skating is a dangerous sports, so wear your protective gears especially the helmet.      

Heelys shoes

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