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(July 9, 2008) Buy and hold will not work in this market. What I found interesting lately, is buy a fundmentally good (valuation attractive) stock at low (when the market hold a selloff, when everyone is panic), and then sell some when the market recovers and everyone is excited again. This way we will have a truely low cost of our holdings, and we can hold for longer term. I did this for RIM and WDC. I should have sold the BRK.B when it was up. Well, in stock market, there is no “should have”, “would have”. We anticipate instead.

(April 1, 2008) In VALUE we trust. Don’t fall into growth trap (growth companies mean profit growth as well as revenue growth).

(Feb 2008) Invest in business, not just the stock.

(Jan 31, 2008) All year 2007 gain is gone in this month. Lesson learned.

(June 2007) I will provide performance report of my own portfolio upon request.

(Jan. 2007) I am looking to form an investment partnership, very much like the early days of the Berkshire Hathway (a.k.a, Buffett Partnership). The investors need to meet the following criteria:

1) Free to put up minimum $5,000 without worrying about “withdrawl in a year” for house payment, nice car etc. We are looking for “baggers” (i.e. the stock will go up twice or more) in a few years, thus we could hold a stock for a long time; we will not sell a stock just because it ran up 10% in a day. We will only buy fundamentally good stocks (so that we can sleep well at night). We ONLY sell the stock when we believe its fundamental is shifted.

2) People are passionate and patient about long term investing; have some background in business, finance, technology, consumer proucts (fashion) or other industries, hands on exprience is perferred; knowledge about emerging markets (BRICs, Brazil, Russia, India, China; ROW, rest of the world) is welcomed;

3) People I feel comfortable to social or interfact with (I am an easy going and open minded guy).

Organization, Distribution of profit etc: the profit will be divided according to the money each investor put in. Investment ideas will be discussed between partners. However, the managing partner makes the final decision regarding investing matters.

I will be the managing partner (pending the approval of majority of the partners).

Name in my mind (ends with equity, Capital, Partnership, or Securities):

(June 19, 2008) Cougar capital, abaqus capital; I felt capital is better than equity(ies), investments, securities etc.

(April 21, 2008) 3D Investments, because investing should be multi-dimensional, e.g., Buffett’s investing in Amazon Euro Bond in 2000/1, he was looking for both the upside of Amazon and Euro the currency. An opposite example, Crocs has been fashionable and its stock did well in 2007 (until Oct. 31), when fashion dies, so does the stock. Avoid one dimensional stock.

Agile (min rui), Heartland, Olive, Vaux (Xuva), LTV (long term view), MX

(June 26 2006) I found out MR, Olive capital domain names are taken 🙂

Email me if you are interested.


Major Xu

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The following is a bit old. I am still interested in blogging and web 2.0 stuff, but not as passionate as investing nowadays.

(Jan 3, 2006 Initial) Besides comments, I welcome anyone who is interested in writing articles related to (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • Software development
  • China
  • Business
  • Living or working overseas
  • I also have a few interesting project ideas, but “idea is nothing unless gets implemented”. I am looking for people who are good at web development (PHP, Perl, JavaScript, CSS, XML and MySQL) to join me on those efforts.

    Please note at this time I don’t have any revenue and can not offer 6 figure salary or $30/hour for your work. However, we may work together and find a good business model in the future.

    Today I saw a bulletin board ad by AT&T (previous SBC), it says “blogging”. During lunch I heard people talking about “blog”, “My Space”. I don’t know if this is “bubble building” or “real big thing”. But I think we are living in interesting times.


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