Call for help: watch Olympics Opening Ceremony live

Reading Time: < 1 minute In the US? Today my coworker reminds me Aug 8, the opening ceremony is only a week away. (Update Aug 7) More up to date stuff from mitbbs (go to the end of this post to get the instructions in Chinese). TV So far NBC family (NBC, MSNBC, CNBC) has no plan to do it… Continue reading Call for help: watch Olympics Opening Ceremony live

Olympics buzz at work place

Reading Time: 2 minutes Olympics buzz at work place As the Beijing 2008 only 8 days away, I am hearing quite a bit Olympics query from coworkers lately, mostly from curiosity and good will (wish Beijing and China will do well). As a Chinese living in America, I certain also hope things also work out well, amid all the… Continue reading Olympics buzz at work place

Weekend review w/e 072608

Reading Time: < 1 minute A subdued Olympics rally? The Olympics is coming. But we are not seeing much sign of an Olympics stock market rally, both in Shanghai, or in New York. The Shanghai composite index is barely above 52 week low, at around 2800 to 2900 range. Two of the Beijing 2008 Sponsors, China Mobile (NYSE: CHL) and… Continue reading Weekend review w/e 072608

Olympics is coming

Reading Time: < 1 minute Amid all the craziness on oil, stock market and iPhone, yesterday I realized the Beijing Olympics is coming in 4 weeks, and it seems I can not go there for the event. Fortunately I got a piece of Olympics since 2004. In the picture below, at the left is a Coca Cola limited edition can… Continue reading Olympics is coming

Disturbed by Paris torch incident

Reading Time: 2 minutes >(Youtube) How did the Free Tibet protesters assault a DISABLED GIRL. >(Sohu via Youtube) The Girl who protected the Olympic Torch 金晶:捍卫火炬的中国女孩. I was deeply disturbed by the torch incidents on Paris and London. I think the local authority should do a better job to protect the torch carriers.

Olympics tickets: 2nd call

Reading Time: < 1 minute For a Chinese 中文 version of this, click on my wife’s MSN blog. The 2nd round of ticketing booking just got started. Here is the offical web site for Beijing 2008 tickets (Chinese, English). I understand they only take Visa (official sponsor of Olympics), and fund from Bank of China 中国银行 acct. Actually they sell… Continue reading Olympics tickets: 2nd call

Beijing 2008 Olympics Tickets

Reading Time: < 1 minute It will be on sale soon. Here is the site for Chinese residents (for English, click on English under the Beijing2008 icon), including people originally not from mainland China but are currenly living inside China. For foreigners live outside of China, they need to contact the Olympics Committes of their respective country (region). Here is the eligibility and ID requirements (Click… Continue reading Beijing 2008 Olympics Tickets