Who wants to be guinea pig ?

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Of Steve’s new phone, I mean, the phone without key pad, the highly hyped iPhone?

On my way to work, I already seeing people camping out side of the Cingular (sorry AT&T) store at Olive and Craig. Actually I checked last night (at 9PM) nobody was there yet. I saw on TV in New York people started to line up on Monday! Here is what I read at eBay:

I am at the front of the line at the Oklahoma City Apple Store. I will overnight ship this new, unopened 4 gig iPhone tomorrow afternoon to the lucky bidder.”

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Gadgets from Business Perspective

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I used to love new cars and gadgets. Some evidences: I can call out the make and model of most cars on the street; I bought the Dell 1st generation Pocket PC Axim, later returned it because it’s too bulky, bought the Palm Tungsten E instead.

These days I was looking for a LCD photo frame. I noticed this thing for a while, but it was until now I found this is a very lucrative business at this time. The reason? It’s still kind expensive. For a decent 7″ philips, it’s about $199 at sharper image. For comparison purpose, I found LCD monitor is very cheap these days, e.g., this Acer 22″ LCD display only costs $190 at Bestbuy.

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Apple Leaves Table Smiling

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Apple and Cisco settled the dispute around the iPhone trademark, according to Mac News. One interesting comment I can not stop laughing is: 

“if Apple leaves the table smiling, you better check your wallet.”

Seriously, I agree with the author Cisco guys are smart too. “Consumers are so with Apple these days, it would have been bad for Cisco, because consumers don’t want to see a company that’s going against Apple.”

I want to note that Cisco is going after the consumer markets these days. As you may noticed from the TV ads and Scientific Atlanta (TV setbox) acquisition.


Apple Raising the Bar

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It’s not the first time Apple jumped into the mobile phone party, they teamed up with Motorola and came up with this RAZR. Obviously Steve Jobs is not satisfied with that, and today at MacWorld show he unveiled the iPod Phone (or iPhone as people call it, although legally Cisco owned that name). If you are really curious, here are some pictures at engadget. It will be interesting to see how this will affect the Palm and Blackberry’s sale.

iPod phone picture