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Heavy snow, RIM

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(Update Mar 05) My wife Shanzi had a nice write up (and pics) about yesterday’s snow. In Chinese.

(Original) We had a 10 inch snow (huge by St. Louis standard) today. It took me more than 1 hour to drive from my work place to home, which usually takes 15 minutes. Of course I took a different route since I don’t want to take the highway, thought that would be a huge parking lot. There are less traffic on those side roads, but I almost got stuck in snow twice when I tried to go up-hill.

After one hour struggle, I did not make it to my packing lot, because I could not drive up on my drive way, so I left my car there (see below).


Lessons learned: do not take unfamilar side roads (especially roads with slopes) in snow. My car got stuck in Schultz Rd. and couple side roads along Schultz when I tried to cut across to my home. I saw other cars on the roadside, stuck in snow on the way. I should be more patient (wait on Page).

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Snow, going home

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I heard about the snow storm in China, and it hurt the “going home crowd” in terms of traffic. The situtation seems much more severe than I thought, from read the blog post from DBANotes and Wang Jianshuo.

In recently days the Chinese stock market has dropped a lot too. Similar to the temporature. But I think this “going home for new year” is a much urgent and important, for Chinese people. So hopefully the weather can turn around in next few days.