Reading Time: < 1 minute Personal opinion: the coffee from ALDI is pretty good; so was the regular half & half (creamer) from Costco. On the flip side: probably 1st world problem, the store brand coffee from the biggest grocery store in St. Louis 圣村 is not good.

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Zero Covid

Reading Time: < 1 minute Zero covid analogy A hotel in Sanya #Sanya (below tweet appears since deleted) But there are more similar Covid Test scenes. A building in #Shanghai Yangqu district sudden locked down:

Probability and compounding

Reading Time: 4 minutes I came across an interesting probability problem yesterday. It was in Chinese, but I will translate it into English below. The defensive missile can shoot down the offensive missile successfully 70% of the time. If the defense shoot 3 missiles toward the offensive missile, what’s the probability that they are successful? Think about it for… Continue reading Probability and compounding

Weekend thoughts week of 08-01-2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes iPhone Health 深度好文:台湾为何与我们渐行渐远?原文作者:廖信忠 (baidu) || I just noticed the article from Twitter. Also noticed A City of Sadness (悲情城市) from the comments. Personally my earlier view on re-union between mainland and Taiwan was shattered after seeing the Russia / Ukraine war since Feb 24, 2022. And it also reminded me of the recent Zero Covid… Continue reading Weekend thoughts week of 08-01-2022

Flash flood in St Louis

Reading Time: < 1 minute Below are some pictures and videos from this week’s flash flood in the area. Quote the last article (the last tweet) written by Mr. Tony Messenger. “These sure the hell aren’t 100-year floods,” Criss says. “They’re like two-year floods. It’s staggering.” || We were not flood, but I know some people were impacted or lost… Continue reading Flash flood in St Louis

Gifted Program at Ladue Schools

Reading Time: 6 minutes Some disclaimer: not district official doc. I believe each kid is unique, special and gifted in her / his own way. And for many parents / guardians they do sincerely believe their kids are the smartest. Years ago I think when my older daughter was probably 3 or 4 years old, at the preschool a… Continue reading Gifted Program at Ladue Schools

SCOTUS ruling on abortion

Reading Time: 2 minutes I have been in the US since 1997, and I have seen plenty of disfunction or ugliness of the US politics, mainly on the executive branch and legislative branch. Things from the Bill Clinton Lewinsky scandal, mainly his lying and the subsequent impeachment, to George W Bush’s mishandling of Iraq war and probably a lot… Continue reading SCOTUS ruling on abortion

Brutal selling

Reading Time: < 1 minute also Btw, I sense the current market probably wiped out a lot of new retail investors (home gamers in Jim Cramer’s words), or many new Robinhood app users. Last but not least, is this transitory?