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Some Nokia Smartphone deals from Dell

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(Update May 25) The offer expired on late night May 22 when I was comparing N85 with Nokia 5800. However, one can find lightly used ones at eBay for about $230 to $250.

Found this Nokia N85 Reviews from theNokiaBlog: Nokia N85 Review – Part 1 The Physical; Top 5 Reasons Why Nokia N85 Is Better Than Nokia N96; Nokia N85 After 3 months – Build Quality Results (video below).

(Original May 22) Saw it from dealsea, here is the %15 off stackable coupon at Dell Small Business: P1$6CFNN71F29L.

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It’s the software, smartphone?

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I don’t have a smartphone, but I used to have Palm m100 (original), and Palm Tungsten E. I did not use it for power point, calendar or anything serious, the main functionality I used is its real player. It got 128 M SD card, so I can store about 30 songs on it.

Palm Tungsten E2 pic

Today’s smart phone is much more sohpiscated. Besides traditional voice capability, email, messaging (instant, text and multimedia), some phones also got web browsing, MP3/video playback, camera and video capturing, word/excel/power point editing. As I understand some blackberry can do SAP, IBM Lotus, or used as a remote control for home applicance (source: RIM June 25 conference call).


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