More Buffett and Munger Readings

Reading Time: 2 minutes What a day. I mean the stock market. Monday IBM gave us some good news. Today neither Citi nor Apple (and New Oriental if I may add) sent out re-assuring news, and the market (both Dow and Nasdaq) tanked… These days I started to read the Buffett shareholder letters date back to year 1978. I… Continue reading More Buffett and Munger Readings

Why not Berkshire for stock investments

Reading Time: 2 minutes I know no broker offer this as an option in IRA. But how about buying Berkshire (BRK.A, BRK.B) over mutual funds in a taxable brokerage account? Not only does Berkshire has a track record which beats almost all mutual fund (21.4% annual compound return in last 42 years) and the 10.4% annual return of S&P… Continue reading Why not Berkshire for stock investments

Walter Schloss also beats S&P

Reading Time: 2 minutes and he had done it for 47 years (maybe not every year, but compound annual return), that’s pretty good. The following is quoted from Buffett 2006 shareholder letter, you can get the full letter at Berkshire web site: …… Let me end this section by telling you about one of the good guys of Wall… Continue reading Walter Schloss also beats S&P

Durable competitive edge

Reading Time: < 1 minute Buffett talks about “durable competitive edge” a lot. Here is a video (scroll down the article) he used Berkshire mill, the first major company he bought in 19060s, as an example to explain this concept. Also I watched the “Buffett goes global” show on CNBC in the weekend, I am sure CNBC will run it… Continue reading Durable competitive edge

Investing with Bolton

Reading Time: < 1 minute Screen shot Capital Week published on Dec. 1, 2007 Anthony Bolton is the legendary fund manager for Fidelity (the mutual fund company Peter Lynch made his name). He visited China lately and answered investing questions from reporter of Capital Weekly.