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Reading Time: < 1 minute Inflation adjusted bondSeries I Savings Bonds (wiki) S&P 500 index fundsHow to Invest in the S&P 500. There are many, below is one from Vanguard. I know fidelity has one too. There should be others. Some of the stocks I think it’s safe to own for long timeBAC (bank of America)KO (Coca Cola)BRK.A or BRK.B

May 10, 2022

Reading Time: 5 minutes I went to Omaha last weekend, left STL on April 29 Friday, attended meeting on April 30 Saturday, and left Omaha back to STL on May 1st Sunday. The full comment and Q&A session (including the actual shareholder meeting) is broadcasted by CNBC and available at YouTube. Note when I drove to Omaha on Friday

May 7, 2022

Reading Time: < 1 minute PDFs Genenal info; Omaha visitor guide Hotel (below is copied from the general info PDF above) TRAVEL & HOTEL ASSISTANCEIf you need assistance in arranging lodging, we recommend contacting Travelink, American Express:Travelink, American ExpressHotline: (866) 301-3011(615) 277-5179 (Outside the U.S.)Email: to Hotels fill up fast, especially in the downtown area. There are many options

March 17, 2022

Reading Time: < 1 minute My old daughter Serenity is a sweet girl. She is so sweet so that she doesn’t like competition. I get it I don’t like competition either but if I don’t compete I probably won’t be here. Lots of smart kids in my class of probably 40 in the village elementary school in China in late

January 10, 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes Looking at the 5, 10, and 20 years chart of $CAT, $LUV and $SPY, then $MA. It seems in 5 and 20 years, $CAT beats $LUV and $SPY, while the 10 year performance was the opposite. Note I haven’t counted the dividend (or dividend re-investing in all cases). Then when I put the $MA in

December 18, 2021

Reading Time: < 1 minute The self checkout at grocery store and warehouses. Personally I think Costco $COST got it right, they have plenty of staffs to assist: for scanning as well as alcohol overwrite. Sam’s Club has one staff helping multiple lanes, but it also has a #scanandgo option in its app. /1 The scanning feature in the app

November 14, 2021

Reading Time: < 1 minute 感觉这个市场还是有些泡沫的. EV 就不说了:昨天傍晚🌆的时候开车时我的七岁小女儿说看到一个Tesla. I was thinking buy a share of $TSLA just now, but I changed to $F instead [呲牙] || Separately I noticed NerdWallet the personal finance / credit card 💳 bonus website went public last week. I worked in the credit card rewards space in the past and I used to get some

November 12, 2021

Reading Time: < 1 minute Tried two two tutorials on my personal GCP. hello world cloud storage (upload a file, then return a public url for download; another download link) I may delete those bucket and files later on, as hosting costs money (app engine, cloud storage). Update: I disabled the app (here is one article talking about disable /

May 26, 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes For most Americans, Zoom meeting probably becomes the hottest potato in last few weeks, as we saw the pandemic situation got worse: New York, New Orleans, Detroit, Dallas, and so on. I started to using Zoom about a year ago when I started my new job, and the product experience was good. Note I have

March 28, 2020
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