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Reading Time: 2 minutes In about a month, I am going to come back to China and get married. Since I have been in the US for almost 10 years, attended couple weddings, I have some ideas about the financial side of the wedding here. Registry: when I first heard of it in 2000, I thought this is probably

June 28, 2007

Reading Time: < 1 minute Tomorrow is Father’s day. My parents are wonderful parents, they did all they can to support me and my brothers’ education, under difficult circumstances. But everyone has his/her limit, my dad is no exception. I think from “personal finance” point of view, my dad is a good saver, but he does not know much about investing (that’s understandable because

June 15, 2007

Reading Time: < 1 minute (Update June 6) The bumper is on the way now. It’s from: USAUTOPARTS NETWORK, 17150 S. MARGAY AVE, CARSON CA90746, as shown from agsystems. Not UPS or Fedex.   (Original June 5) No I have not involved in car accident or anything. I merely demaged the front bumper because of my own carelessness: in the parking lot. Last time when

June 5, 2007

Reading Time: < 1 minute When I was in Shanghai in March, I watched a special program on China-CBN (Di Yi Cai Jing) talking about “school for migrant workers’ kids”. Not surprisringly, the schools’ condition usually are much inferior to same level schools attended by “city kids”. The Shanghai Municipal Goverment gave 60 m Yuan this year for the “migrant kids’ school”. This is

May 24, 2007

Reading Time: < 1 minute By now we all know what happened in Virginia Tech, a big public university with good engineering reputation in Blacksburg, Virginia. Although many people are really angry at “how can this happened again, even after the Columbine”, I think right now the proper thing to do is: give our thoughts and prayers to the people lost their loved ones. After

April 16, 2007

Reading Time: < 1 minute These days the health care system, and the hospitals in China are under a lot critism. I believe the system got problem. There are some bad apples among doctors, and other people who are supposed to take care of patients rather than “take advantage of” them. Read this story from Wang Jianshuo if you have the patience. Unfortunately

March 28, 2007

Reading Time: 2 minutes I have started working for about 6 years. Although I worked for the same employer and stayed in the same city, I can tell some of my changes in all these years. First is hobbies. I used to be crazy about the cars. I can tell the most cars’ make and model on the street, except some

January 7, 2007

Reading Time: 2 minutes I first heard about this “affordable luxury” term when I bought my Nissan Altima GLE, with sun roof and leather seat, about 6 years ago. The Nissan salesman told me Altima is an “affordable luxury” car. By that he meant the car has the features I mentioned above, plus alloy wheel (looking good), and the price is affordable (MSRP $22015, I got

January 6, 2007

Reading Time: 2 minutes “Over-worry” is probablly not a good word to describe the Americans because if you go to malls these days, you know why: people are shopping like everything is free. Just kidding. I do think the consumer spending of developed nations especially the US is a big driver for the economy growth in developing countries such

December 18, 2006

Reading Time: 2 minutes I remember there is a movie called “Karate Kids”, but I am not talking about that; I am going to talk about the kids in my Taekwondo classes. Since I joined the local Taekowndo club, I have seen many kids, and what impressed me most is not the kid who got black belt at the

December 7, 2006
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